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1. Remove the exsiting toilet seat
2. Closed water feed valve
3. Prepare the tools
4. Romove the water supply pipe
5. After remove water supply pipe
6. Install cone packings onto the
7. Connect the T-valve to water supply
8.Reconnect the water pipe to T-valve
9.Check filter with the plastic cone
10.Connect the filter to the T-valve
11.Connect another end of bidet use water pipe
12.Fix the bolts and bracket holder
13.Finished photo
14.Turn over
15. Adjust the seat and front part of toilet back and forth so that they can corresponds with before fastening the nuts
16. Push it until it sounds"click"
17.Locked by cone packings, washer and Nuts
18.Connect the bidet use water pipe
19. Turn on the water pipe
20.Connect the AC power
21.Seat down and press "wash" button to make sure water supply is normal    

*** 圖片以實物為準
*** The pictures is for reference only. The real product should be considered as final.

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